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جهنم + من

Hell + Me | جهنم + من

PersianDrama, Thriller 106 min 1972

Passengers on a bus head to Mashhad for pilgrimage and seeking forgiveness. A prisoner named Teymoor (Yadollah Shirandami), watched over by a gendarme, causes them to lose their way in the desert. Teymoor overpowers the gendarme and escapes with the bus. He is the only one who knows the route; however, the bus runs out of fuel, and Teymoor wanders lost in the desert. Fereydoun (Mohammad Ali Fardin), known as Moferferi, fights with Teymoor over drinking water and disarms him. Mirza (Reza Abdi) and his pregnant wife (Nazanin) die of thirst. Fereydoun, with the advice of Gholam (Davoud Rashidi) and a notorious woman named Zari (Farzaneh Taidi), and a girl (Poori Banaei) who is fond of him, decide to trick Teymoor into escaping with Gholam’s apprentice, and then follow their tracks to reach a village; however, Teymoor kills Gholam’s apprentice along the way, and the others one by one die of thirst and sunstroke. When Teymoor and Fereydoun fight, a venomous snake bites Teymoor, and Fereydoun reaches a village, returning with a camel to rescue the girl who has survived.

Mohamad Ali Fardin
Saboktakin Saloor
Mostafa Alamian
Mohamad Ali Fardin
Ahdieh Badiee
Production Company
Farvardin Film

Cast & Crew
Akbar Khajavi, Davoud Rashidi, Farzaneh Taidi, Mansoor Jahanshahi, Mohamad Ali Fardin, MohammadTaghi Kohanmooyi, Nazanin, Poori Banaei, Reza Abdi, Yadollah Shirandami