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جوجه اردک من

My duckling | جوجه اردک من

PersianMusical 90 min 2003

Roya, a final year photography student, is researching the subject of her dissertation entitled “Mother.” On the way back from his hometown in the north, he buys a strange and large duck egg to bring to Tehran as a subject for photography. On the other hand, the egg-bearing duck follows him and follows the dream step by step. The duck gets on the bus that Roya is coming to Tehran on, and in the middle of the road, a thief named Shahram Hezarchehreh hides an antique and expensive necklace that he stole around the duck’s neck and a scarf around his neck to escape from the police. Shahram is arrested and the duck, who has found Roya’s house, goes there….

Amir Feizi
Amir Feizi
Mohammad Reza Sokoot
Maziar Miri
Arman Mousapour
Production Company
Boshra Film

Cast & Crew
Reza Feyz Norouzi, Reza Shafiei Jam, Shabnam Gholikhani