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جوجه فکلی

Baby Dandy | جوجه فکلی

PersianAction, Comedy, Romance 110 min 1974

Farman’s wife gives birth to a son, and Heydar’s wife to a daughter. Farman names his son Fereydun and wishes him to become a doctor. Years later, Fereydun, a talentless singer, decides to marry at his mother Aqdas’s suggestion. On the other hand, Shirin, Heydar’s daughter, is a headstrong girl whom her father wishes to marry off to a thug named Esmail Aqa, who is in prison. Sakineh, the housemaid, sees Fereydun and considers him as a potential husband for Shirin. The only flaw in Fereydun is that he is a “wimp,” and Heydar does not consent to his marrying his daughter. Aqdas and Sakineh entrust Fereydun to Hosein Pashneh to transform him into a “sophisticated thug” at the “Institute of Thuggery.” Reluctantly, under the supervision of Hosein Pashneh and his colleagues, Fereydun undergoes training and gets ready to confront Esmail the Butcher. He disrupts the marriage ceremony of Esmail and Shirin and ends up sitting beside Shirin at their own wedding ceremony.

Reza Safayi
Reza Aghili
Turaj PoorMorovat
Reza Safayi
Ahdieh Badiee
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Moeeni, Bahman Mofid, Ezzatollah Ramazanifar, Hossein Shahab, Mahmood Tehrani, Malihe Nasiri, Mastaneh Jazayeri, Parvin Soleimani, Reza Arham Sadr, Samad Shirazi, Shahnaz Tehrani