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حاتم طایی

Hatam Taei | حاتم طایی

PersianDrama 115 min 1966

Goran Khan decides to propose Pune, Hatem’s daughter, to Abbas. Pune, with the cooperation of her cousin Sharareh, asks her father for ten days to introduce her favorite young man to her. One day Pune and Sharareh’s car breaks down on the road and they ask Jalal Ahangar and his student Ahmed for help. Pune and Sharara go to Patogh Jalal’s cafe dressed as men to get to know him better. Pune reveals his interest in Jalal and Jalal goes to meet Hatem in the name of Farrokh Nozer, in a worker’s uniform, to propose Pune to him. Hatem pushes him away and Jalal angrily leaves Pune. Pune runs away from home and goes to Jalal’s mother’s house. Hatem asks Jalal to stay away from his daughter by paying a check of three million tomans, and Jalal tears the check in front of Hatem. Affected by Jalal’s behavior, Hatem tells his daughter the truth and sends her to look for Jalal.

Mohammad Ali Fardin
Mohammad Ali Fardin
Mehdi Amir Ghasem Khani
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Misaghieh Studio

Cast & Crew
Homayoun, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Mohsen Arasteh, Pooran, Pouri Baneai