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حرفه ای

The Professional | حرفه‌ای

PersianAction 87 min 1996

Major Teymoori is given a mission by the general to eliminate a commando colonel who has been failing to suppress the opposition against the regime in Qom. After carrying out the assassination, Teymoori is apprehended and confined in a detention center where he meets Haj Hashem Qomi, an adversary of the regime. The general instructs Teymoori to pose as a fellow fighter to gain Qomi’s trust. During an attempted transfer to another prison, Teymoori and Qomi manage to escape, but Qomi falls victim to a plan orchestrated by the general, leading to his demise. Teymoori then assumes the role of an infiltrator among Qomi’s friends, but they eventually see through his deception. Meanwhile, the general forces Colonel Mahdavi, who is a close friend of Teymoori, to accept the mission of killing Teymoori, as part of the general’s manipulative agenda to exploit the situation for his own gain within the religious and opposition factions. Teymoori becomes aware of Mahdavi’s plot and after eliminating him, he goes to the general and kills him as well, and when he tries to escape with his family, he is killed by the regime’s agents.

Esmaeil FallahPour
Hadi Saber
Mehdi Jourak
Esfandiar Shahidi
Rouhollah Emami
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Chehreh Azad Company

Cast & Crew
Behruz Masruri, Changiz Vosooghi, Davoud Estaraki, Hassan Dadshokr, Hossein Khani Beyk, Hossein Saharkhiz, Jamshid shah mohammadi, Mohammad Reza Seifollahi, Mohammadreza Goudarzi, Parviz Pourhosseini, Roza Arayesh, Sirus Meimanat