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حریف دل

Heart opponent | حریف دل

PersianDrama 90 min 1996

Saeed, who is in his last year of high school, starts wrestling without the knowledge of his mother and grandfather, and soon his talent is noticed by the coaches. Saeed’s grandfather, who is one of the sports veterans himself, understands the matter earlier than Saeed’s mother and hides his happiness, but he is saddened to hear the news of Saeed’s wrestling, and this sadness reaches its peak when he learns that Saeed’s coach, Jokar – her husband’s rival, who In a wrestling match, Saeed’s father was accidentally killed. Saeed’s and his grandfather’s insistence made Saeed’s mother accept Saeed’s wrestling. On behalf of his club, Saeed participates in the selection of wrestlers to be in the national team, and with great effort, he succeeds in reaching the final competition, but the day of the final competition coincides with the day of university entrance exams, and at the insistence of Saeed’s mother, regardless of the competition in He is participating in the entrance exam. Saeed’s rival, who has a special devotion to him and his veteran grandfather, pushes back the time of wrestling with his insistence and the mediation of the people involved in the physical education organization. Saeed’s coach and his colleagues, happy with the position they have achieved, go after Saeed and prepare him for the competition after the entrance exam. Saeed defeats his rival in a close competition and goes to the national team as the first player. Grandfather Saeed is happy that his grandson did not use his opponent’s injured leg as a bridge to his victory.

Reza Ganji
Reza Ganji
Maziar Parto
Davood Yousefian
Production Company
Shiraz Film

Cast & Crew
Fariborz Samandpour, Fatemeh Gudarzi, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Shahed Ahmadloo, Soraya Ghasemi