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حمله به اچ 3

Attack to H3 | حمله به اچ 3

War 93 min 1994

Faced with Iran’s consistent air superiority throughout the war, the Iraqi Air Force headquarters anticipated the imminent breach of the Abadan perimeter. To safeguard their Iraqi Mig Mirage and Topolov strategic aircraft from impending aerial assaults and secure them until the opportune moment for Iran’s offensive, a decision was made. This decision involved the relocation of these assets to three remote bases situated close to the Jordanian border.

Concurrently, the Iranian Air Force headquarters proposed a plan to target these three bases, known as the H-3 bases. Consequently, on the morning of April 15, 1360, eight Phantom bombers were deployed from the third fighter base to execute an attack on H-3.

Shahriar Bohrani
Seyyed Naser Hashemi
Shahriar Bohrani
Rasoul Ahadi
Hossein Zandbaf
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Faramarz Shahni, Hasan Abbasi, Hassan Abbasi, Hossein Yari, Jafar Dehghan, Mohammad Kasebi, Saeed Ghaemi, Saeed Khoshdel, Seyed Jalal Tabatabaee, Seyyed Nasser Hashemi