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خانه ی کنار دریا

The Beach House | خانه ی کنار دریا

PersianDrama, Romance 90 min 1969

A young man and a woman meet in one of the coastal cities of northern Iran and soon fall in love with each other. Due to the opposition of those around them, they are separated. Later, the man finds the woman in one of the southern cities, where she has started a new life with another man. He, being a broken man, heads towards death.

Amir Hushang Kavusi
Amir Hushang Kavusi
Maziar Parto
Qasim Aqasi
Fikrat Amirov
Production Company
General Directorate of Cinema Affairs

Cast & Crew
Hossein Jahangiri, Hushang Awj, Nasrin Safai