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خان نایب

Mr. Nayeb | خان نایب

PersianDrama 90 min 1978

Nayeb is a dedicated deputy officer serving in a neighborhood near the airport and is highly respected and beloved by the local residents. Nayeb’s daughter, Farangis, is in love with Mehdi, a young bicycle repairman from the neighborhood. Hassan, the butcher, also has an eye for Farangis. The flights of pigeons led to the crash of an airplane, prompting the government to order the elimination of pigeons. Nayeb is reluctantly forced to carry out this duty…

Gholam Reza Sarkoob
Mohammad Bouluri
Saeed Nivandi
Saeed Nivandi
Khosrow Parva
Production Company
Fika Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Arman, Jalal Pishvaian, Manuchehr Vusuq, Shokoufeh Bayati