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خاک و خون

Dirt and Blood | خاک و خون

PersianAdventure, Social 116 min 1983

Asad, the prominent landowner and capitalist in the village, exerted significant pressure on a farmer named Kak Khan to relinquish his land for the construction of a factory road. Unyielding, Kak Khan firmly declined and sought recourse with Shahzad, Asad’s father, in an attempt to resolve the matter amicably. However, even the intervention of the prince failed to provide a solution to Kak’s predicament.

Upon returning to the village, Kak Khan was confronted with the heart-wrenching discovery of his son’s lifeless body, a victim of Asad’s henchmen. The trauma inflicted upon his wife left her mentally shattered. In the face of this devastating loss, Kak Khan resolved to seek revenge against Asad.

The prince, accompanied by his retinue, visited the village, prompting Kak Khan to devise a plan for vengeance. Collaborating with an individual named Mohammad Jan Qomshei, Kak orchestrated the demise of several of Shahzad’s associates. Tragically, Mohammad Jan lost his life in the process, leading to Kak’s apprehension and subsequent death sentence.

However, Kak Khan’s fate took an unexpected turn as a group of villagers rallied together to thwart his execution in his native village. With the support of these determined residents, Kak Khan escaped his sentence. Determined to exact revenge against the prince, he embarked on a journey to the mountains, accompanied by his wife and a select group of individuals.

Kamran Ghadakchian
Reza Mirlohi
Jamshid Alvandi
Reza Mirlohi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
FilmIran institute

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Ghadakchian, Hossein Shahab, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Rahim Hudi, Zhilla Sohrabi