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Informant | خبرچین

PersianAdventure, Social 93 min 1987

Asghar Zaghi, employed in the theater, covertly sustains himself as an informant for SAVAK. Quite incidentally, he stumbles upon the whereabouts of local revolutionaries. Just as he contemplates divulging their location, an unforeseen transformation occurs. The revolutionaries’ benevolence and empathy toward him, his ailing spouse, and child dawns upon him. Overwhelmed by their compassion, he experiences a change of heart. Filled with regret, he not only refrains from exposing them but also orchestrates a means for their safe departure, eventually relocating himself as well.

Nasrullah Zomorodian
Siros Taslimi
Sirus Taslimi
Hassan Musayebi
Production Company
Film and thought workshop

Cast & Crew
Alireza Amir Qasemi, Behrooz Masrouri, Cyrus Taslimi, Enayatullah Bakshi, Ezzatullah Moqbli, Katayoun Riahi, Kazem Efrandniya, Seyyed Hasan Moravej