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The Rooster | خروس

PersianCrime, Drama 107 min 1973

A woman (Iren) lives with her son Ali (Saeed Rad), a cockfighter, after the death of her husband.
Mashti (Davoud Rashidi) has been infatuated with the woman for years and prepares himself to marry her. Ali opposes his mother’s union with Mashti, and on the other hand, his mother is interested in Elahyar (Manouchehr Ahmadi), the local butcher. Ali himself is in love with Mashti’s daughter, Sepideh. Mashti conditions the marriage of Ali and his daughter on his own marriage to Ali’s mother. In the moment Mashti prepares to propose, Ali discovers Elahyar in his mother’s room and injures them both with a knife, leading to his arrest by the gendarmes. Mashti, seeing his beloved lost, falls ill.

Shapour Gharib
Shapour Gharib
Nosratollah Kani
Nosratollah Kani
Production Company
Rex Cinema and Theatre Co

Cast & Crew
Davoud Rashidi, Iraj Safdari, Iren, Mahmoud Basiri, Manouchehr Ahmadi, Saeed Rad, Sepideh