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Lunar Eclipse | خسوف

PersianDisaster, Drama 84 min 1993

In the film, Khosrow (Behzad Behzadpour) finds himself accompanying a group of antiquity smugglers on an expedition to a cemetery. Their mission is to unearth a mummified woman, a task that brings them into the world of illicit artifacts trade.

During his journey, Khosrow encounters Sara (Fariba Kusari), who pleads for his help in finding her missing husband. Unfortunately, the innkeeper refuses to offer Sara a place to stay for the night. Seeing her predicament, Khosrow decides to aid her.

Together, Khosrow and Sara arrive at the caravanserai where the smugglers are staying, but they are met with an empty location. As they search for clues, Sara’s brother, Fariborz, and Fereydoun, who has romantic feelings for Sara, are waiting at Nader’s inn for Sara’s return.

Intriguingly, Khosrow’s presence raises suspicion, particularly from Fariborz and Nader. The townspeople intervene, helping Sara escape, and she takes refuge in an elderly woman’s home. Despite the pursuit by Fariborz, Nader, and Fattah, who eagerly anticipates Sara’s return, Sara manages to escape once again. She implores Khosrow to take her to a cemetery located outside the city.

The pursuit continues, and it takes a dramatic turn when Nader confesses to having murdered Sara’s husband and buried him in the cemetery. As tensions rise and the conflict escalates, Fariborz distances himself from the situation. An act of violence by Fattah ensues when he ignites his car with a cigarette, creating chaos and a chance for Sara and Khosrow to escape the tumultuous scene.

This thrilling narrative delves into a web of intrigue and suspense as characters are entangled in the quest to solve the mystery surrounding Sara’s missing husband.

Rasoul Molagholipour
Rasoul Molagholipour
Hossein Jafarian
Rasool Mollagholipour
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Laleh Film

Cast & Crew
Abas Mousavi, Behzad Behzadpour, Fariba Kusari, Fariborz Arabnia, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz