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خواب سفید

White Dream | خواب سفید

PersianComedy, Drama 90 min February 1, 2002(Iran), April 11, 2003 (United States)

Living with his aged father, Reza works in a wedding accessories shop and is in Love with one of the bridal mannequins in the shop window. He falls into some kind of depression when the mannequin is moved away but days after that falls for a customer who seems a rich beautiful lady, unknowing that she’s married. Reza goes through a journey to find the true love of his life who was always there for him, waiting to be seen. 

Hamid Jebeli
Hamid Jebeli
Touraj Aslani
Zhilla Ipackchi
Piruz Arjmand
Production Company
NEJ International Pictures

Cast & Crew
Elizabet Amini, Hamid Jebeli, Soghra Karimi, Yousef Pashandi