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خواهران غریب

Strange Sisters | خواهران غریب

PersianDrama, Family, Music 93 min 1996 (Iran)

Narges and Nasreen, two elementary school girls, meet each other at the school festival and find out that they are twin sisters and that their composer father had separated from their mother, who is a tailor, in the past, but they had never told them about this. One of them lived with their mother and the other with their father. They decide to change their places, due to the similarity of these two twin sisters, their parents don’t notice. The father is going to marry his colleague and fiancee, Soraya. The girls decide to stop Soraya from doing this so that their parents can remarry, the girls pretend to be lost so that the parents meet each other to find them and are forced to search for them together. The children who are hiding in the grandmother’s house manage to do this with the help of the grandmother. The parents, who have driven all over the city until morning, and put aside other differences, come to the grandmother’s house. Two sisters make the family re-form.

Kiumars Poorahmad
Asghar Abdullahi
Erich Kästner
Kiumars Poorahmad
Dariush Ayari
Kiumars Poorahmad
Nasser Cheshmazar
Saeed Kashani
Production Company
Soureh Organisation

Cast & Crew
Afsaneh Bayegan, Elahe Allahyari, Elham Allahyari, Khosrow Shakibaee, Ladan Tabatabaei, Parisa Goldoost, Parvindokht Yazdanian