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خیلی دور خیلی نزدیک

So Close, So Far | خیلی دور، خیلی نزدیک

PersianDrama 121 min July 27, 2005 (Iran)

Dr. Alam, a very profiled specialist in neurology and a successful surgeon, is drowned in his professional and social work, in a way that he has totally forgotten all about his son Saman. Samantha the beautiful nights of desert with it starfull sky attracts Saman to itself and the young boy falls in love with night sky and observation of stars. Due to an event the doctor leaves his profession and work behind and goes through the desert to find his son. 

Reza Mirkarimi
Mohammad Reza Gohari
Reza Mirkarimi
Hamid Khozouie Abyane
Bahram Ardalan
Bahram Dehghani
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company
Soureh Organisation

Cast & Crew
Afshin Hashemi, Ashkan Khatibi, Elham Hamidi, Masoud Rayegan, Mohammadreza Najafi