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Attorney General | دادستان

PersianAction 104 min 1991

In 1979, amidst the Islamic revolution, interrogator Dadgar stumbles upon a web of illegal activities, including bribery and money laundering, while investigating the computerization of the archive system within the social service organization (ministry of health). This project is being carried out by an American company. Dadgar successfully apprehends some of the American authorities within the company and their Iranian partners.

Initial attempts by the company’s shareholders to secure the release of their American employees prove to be in vain. Dadgar remains resolute in his determination to prosecute and punish those involved. To secure the release of the American prisoners, a team of American rangers, renowned for their earlier mission of liberating pilots from the Hanoi prison in Vietnam, is brought in for a daring operation.

Dadgar, now promoted to the position of prosecuting attorney, perseveres with the case. He navigates the Dallas court and the international court of justice, ultimately succeeding in vindicating Iran’s claims from the United States.

Bozorgmehr Rafia
Bozorgmehr Rafia
Morsel Sadeghi
Mohammadreza Sharifi
Samad Tavazoii
Fereydoun Naseri
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Abbas Jahanbakhsh, Ardalan Shoja Kaveh, Behrouz Razavi, Faramarz Sedighi, Fariborz Samandpour, Isa Safayi, Jamshid Hashempour, Mehraneh Mahin-Torabi, Mohammad Abhari