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دایان باخ

Dayanbakh | دایان باخ

PersianDrama 80 min 1992

The story revolves around Nusrat (played by Iraj Khedri), a man with an extraordinary and unique physical condition. In search of medical treatment for his condition, Nusrat travels to Tehran, the capital of Iran. Kiomarth (portrayed by Hassan Rezaei) is a central character in the story. He is married to Nusrat’s sister and works as a driver for an advertising company in Tehran.

Kiomarth, an ambitious man looking for ways to improve his financial situation, seizes an opportunity when Nusrat arrives in the city. He decides to use Nusrat in the company’s advertisements, seeing the potential to earn more money by showcasing Nusrat’s unique physical condition. Nusrat becomes a featured figure in the advertising campaigns.

However, as time goes on, Kiomarth’s wife begins to object to the use of Nusrat in this manner. Her concerns and her emotional connection to Nusrat prompt Kiomarth to reconsider his actions and the impact they are having on his family. Ultimately, Kiomarth decides to discontinue the practice of using Nusrat in advertisements due to his wife’s heartfelt plea.

Still motivated by his ambitions and desire for financial gain, Kiomarth comes up with another plan. He arranges for Nusrat to be handed over to the manager of the advertising company. This time, the intention is to have Nusrat participate in a foreign circus, hoping to profit from his unique condition on a larger scale within Tehran.

However, as Kiomarth and his wife navigate these decisions, they come to realize that the welfare and happiness of Nusrat should take precedence. With their newfound understanding, they decide that the best course of action is to send Nusrat back to his hometown, thus concluding this chapter in the story.

Farhad Pourazam
Hasan Mahdavifar
Homayoun Payvar
Zhila Ipakchi
Amir Farshid Rahimian
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Abbas Jahanbakhsh, Atash Taghipour, Azita Hajiyan, Hassan Rezaei, Iraj Khedri