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دختران انتظار

Expectance Girls | دختران انتظار

PersianDrama 97 min April 3, 1999 (Iran)

Saeed Masroor, a medical student, is forced to approach Mr. Sam in order to repay his debt. To secure a loan, he is compelled to engage in a fictitious marriage with a fellow student named Roshanak, so that he can benefit from the marriage loan. On the other hand, Shahrareh, Mr. Sam’s daughter, has taken an interest in Saeed, and…

Rahman Rezaei
Mohammad Hadi Karimi
Mojtaba Rahimi
Ashkan Izadi
Nasser Ansari
Nasser Cheshmazar
Production Company
Shukofa Film

Cast & Crew
Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif, Hooshang Ghovanloo, Iman Kheradmand, Kambiz Dirbaz, Niki Karimi, Omid Mottaghi, Parsa Pirouzfar, Sharareh Rokham