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دختری از شیراز

A Girl from Shiraz | دختری از شیراز

PersianDrama 106 min 1954

Afshar marries Ayesha to provoke jealousy in his beloved girl, Monir. In a short time, Afshar gains Monir’s affection, and he abandons Ayesheh, who has given birth to his child. Ayesheh is poorly dragged to prostitution. She visits a young man who comes to her rescue. Sometime later, Afshar is murdered, and Ayeshesh is arrested on suspicion of murder. However, the truth is revealed within a short period, and Monir confesses to Afshar’s murder. In the end, Ayesheh starts a new life with the young man she cares about.

Samuel Khachikian
Samuel Khachikian
Buris Matoyouf
Samuel Khachikian
Mehdi Khalidi
Production Company
Diana Film

Cast & Crew
Armais Vartani Hovsepian, Farah Panahi, Iraj Doostdar, Mahin Moavenzadeh