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دختری با کفش های کتانی

The Girl in the Sneakers | دختری با کفش‌های کتان

PersianDrama, Family 110 min October 6, 1999 (Iran)

In love with a teenage boy, Tadaei leaves home in the morning heading for school but decides not to go to school and instead starts wandering in the streets of Tehran. She makes up her mind not to return to home and run away with her lover, because of her parents’ reaction to her having a boyfriend but meandering in the city, she gets into some troubles that make her change her mentality of love and inevitably her pathway. 

Rasoul Sadr Aameli
Fereydoun Farhudi
Peyman Ghassemkhani
Dariush Ayari
Mostafa Kharaghehpoush
Iraj Panahi
Production Company
Art Bureau of the Organization for the Propaganda of Islamic Thought
Milad Film

Cast & Crew
Abdolreza Akbari, Akram Mohammadi, Mahmoud Jafari, Majid Hajizadeh, Pegah Ahangarani