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دختر ایرونی

An Iranian Girl | دختر ایرونی

PersianDrama, Family 90 min 2002

Maryam, an independent woman, takes charge of her father’s sculpture workshop. Naghmeh, her cousin, tragically ends her life due to loneliness. Maryam faces a crisis and pretends to consider arranged marriage. She picks Ali, a workshop colleague, amid family tension. A fake courtship plan causes controversy, but Maryam notices Ali’s genuine interest. Discovering Ali’s wealth, she realizes his love’s authenticity. They clash during an event, and Ali’s gesture of humiliation backfires. Maryam’s uncle intervenes, urging a proposal. At the proposal ceremony, Ali humiliates Maryam, who storms off. Yet, the night ends with Ali leaving a crafted statue, flowers, and a love letter at her door.

Mohammad Hossein Latifi
Iraj Tahmasb
Ali Allahyari
Kaveh Imani
Mojdeh Ghajarieh
Ali Tafreshi
Bardia Keyarz
Parichehr Khajeh
Saeed Ansari
Production Company
Ariyan Film

Cast & Crew
Afarin Obeisi, Amin Hayai, Behnaz Moharrer, Garsha Reofi, Hadiyeh Tehrani, Jahangir Samimifard, Mohammad Abhari, Morteza Zare