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دختر فراری

Fugitive Girl | دختر فراری

PersianComedy, Romance 90 min 1970

A criminal named Houshang is interested in a girl named Zhaleh, but Zhaleh rejects his marriage proposal. Houshang, with the help of his friends, kidnaps Zhaleh and takes her from Iran to Turkey. Zhaleh’s father hires a private detective to find his daughter in Istanbul and along the Black Sea coast. The criminals demand two million tomans for Zhaleh’s return, and the detective travels to Turkey in search of them. The detective meets a girl named Goli, a traveling saleswoman, who bears a striking resemblance to Zhaleh.

Turkar Inanughlu
Esmaeil Kushan
Turkar Inanughlu
Chetin Gurutup
Hasan Mahd-Yadegar
Hasan Mahd-Yadegar
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Erler Film
Pars Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Homayoun, Jahangir Ghaffari, Kartal Tibet, Suna Filiz Akın