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دختر نگو بلا بگو

Say She's Trouble | دختر نگو بلا بگو

PersianDrama 87 min 1975

In the provided text, Maryam (Simin Ghaffari) and her friends (Jamshid Mehrdad, Ali Zahedi, and Hasan Rezayani) become street musicians. Maryam is trying to raise money to cover her sick father’s medical expenses. A wealthy young man named Farhad (Peyman) is trying to marry a dancer named Setareh (Fahimeh Sepehr). However, Farhad’s father (Mahmud Tehranian) opposes their marriage and devises a plan to separate Farhad from Setareh by involving Maryam and her friends to obstruct Farhad’s path and keep him away from Setareh.

Jamshid Sheybani
Parviz Khatibi
Dariush Azizi
Hossein Banki
Arsham Qahramanian
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Jamshid Mehrdad, Mahmood Tehrani, Peyman, Simin Ghaffari