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دختر کدخدا

Kadkhoda's Daughter | دختر کدخدا

PersianDrama 90 min 1966

A young villager named Nader is interested in Golnar, the daughter of Kadkhoda, but Kadkhoda is against the marriage of the two, and decides to marry his daughter to a steward. The village of Mubasher and Ramal conspire against Nader, but there is a difference between the two of them, who work together. Ramal is killed by Mubasher, and Mubasher identifies Nader as the murderer, leaving him to destroy the village. Before that, Mubasher and Golnar’s wedding ceremony takes place, when he runs away and studies with Farrukh Khan, then the young lord, who becomes. Upon hearing the story of Golnar, the master’s son provides him with the opportunity to study and falls in love with him. But after Golnar’s secrets to marry Nader and the revelation of Ramal’s murder and the arrest of Mubasher, Farrokh, with his mother’s vote, puts Golnar and Nader at the wedding table.

Mehdi Raeis-Firooz
Mehdi Raeis-Firooz
Fereydoun Jourak
Hakoop Giorgis
Production Company
Karavan Film

Cast & Crew
Dariush Talayi, Fariba Khatami, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Manouchehr Vosoogh, Mohsen Arasteh