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در آرزوی ازدواج

The Dream of Marriage | در آرزوی ازدواج

PersianDrama, Family 105 min 1990

Jahangir, a young man, wants to marry Nahid but faces a condition from Nahid’s father, who insists he must have a job first. Struggling to find employment within the given timeframe, Jahangir turns to his retired father, Mashallah Khan, for help. Mashallah Khan believes that his years of dedicated service in the administrative system will secure a job for his son.

With this hope, Mashallah Khan visits the employment center, seeking assistance from the recruitment manager. However, during this visit, he falls victim to an intermediary’s trap, setting in motion a series of unexpected events that change the course of his life.

Asghar Hashemi
Asghar Hashemi
Fereydoun Jeyrani
Gholam Reza Azadi
Rohullah Emami
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Novin Film

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Bijan Emkanian, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Jamshid Esmaeil Khani, Kamand Amir Soleimani, Mehdi Fat'hi, Pourandokht Mahiman