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در جستجوی قهرمان

Searching for the hero | در جستجوی قهرمان

PersianWar 95 min 1988

A cinema student named Vahid is struggling to find an authentic subject for his screenplay. While attempting to create a war-themed script, his spouse points out that his portrayal of war significantly differs from the reality of conflict in Iran and resembles the themes found in German and American films. Frustrated by his lack of success, Vahid takes a friend’s advice and decides to visit the frontlines. However, a twist of fate lands him right in the midst of the war. He finds himself confronting the enemy from inside a tank and, alongside another soldier, gets lost in the region. In this unexpected turn of events, Vahid becomes a part of the war itself and discovers new truths and experiences that will profoundly influence his screenplay.

Hamid Reza Ashtianipour
Seyed Majid Emami
Mohammad Dourmanesh
Hamid Reza Ashtianipour
Karim Gogerdchi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Abdolhassan Barzideh, Ataollah Salmanian, Majid Ashtianipour, Majid Majidi