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در غربت

Far from Home | در غربت

PersianDrama 91 min 1975

Hossein (played by Parviz Sayyad) is a Turkish migrant worker who works in a pressing factory in West Germany. After work, he takes the metro to the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin, where he lives in a residential complex with several of his fellow countrymen. They, unable to connect with the people and the environment around them, lead a monotonous and melancholic life. One day, Hossein’s roommate, who has grown weary of this situation, packs his suitcase and leaves his apartment with the intention of returning to his homeland in Turkey.

Sohrab Shahid-Saless
Sohrab Shaid-Saless
Ramin Reza-Mowlaei
Rouhollah Emami
Frank Schreiner
Production Company
Probis Film - Hamburg
Tel Film
The Cooperative for Advanced Cinematographers

Cast & Crew
Hustamin Kaya, Jihan Anasil, Mahammat Tamiz-Kan, Parviz Sayyad