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دزد سوم

The Third Thief | دزد سوم

PersianDrama 104 min 1975

Ebi (Saeed Rad) is a minibus driver, and plans to marry Zeenat (Manijeh) by saving money. Ebi earns enough money on a trip to Kuwait, and as he prepares to marry Zeenat, Mahmoud Qanad (Ali Sadat), who is his love rival, sets fire to the minibus and Ebi ends up in Mansoor Rakhshan’s casino. (Arman) is busy working. Ebi finds out that Bahman (Bahram Vatanparast) has planned with the help of Mitra (Fariba Khatami) to rob the casino safe. Bahman and Mitra make a friendship plan with Mansoor Rakhshan and get the password to the safe by going back and forth to his room, and then with the help of Ebi, they implement their plan. After stealing the safe, the three take refuge in a forest. The police, who are chasing them, suspect that Ebi and Mitra burned in the fire after their car crashed in the valley, with the stolen money, and they are looking for Bahman, who was shot in the face by one of Rakhshan’s men. Following a dispute between Ebi and Mitra with Bahman, Bahman falls and is killed in a valley before Bahman manages to escape with the money, and Ebi and Mitra go on a new path, abandoning the money.

Abbas Shabaviz
Fereydoun Goleh
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Rex Cinema and Theatre Co

Cast & Crew
Ali Saadat, Bahram Vatanparast, Farhad Hamidi, Fariba Khatami, Rafi Madadkar, Reza Hajian, Saeed Rad