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دزد شهر

City Thief | Duzd-i shahr | دزد شهر

PersianAction, Family 110 min 1964

Despite numerous efforts and strategies to apprehend the notorious jewel thief, the authorities repeatedly come up empty-handed. In a last attempt, the police enlist the expertise of a retired, accomplished detective. Coincidentally, during an incident, the thief crosses paths with the detective’s daughter, sparking a mutual romantic connection. As their relationship develops, the detective grapples with a difficult choice: to prioritize his daughter’s love or uphold his professional duty. Eventually, he makes a firm decision and proceeds to arrest the thief, who had intentions of embarking on a new life with his daughter.

Hossein Madani
Hossein Madani
Homayoun Arjumand
Hossein Madani
Hasan Musayyibi
Production Company
Atlas Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Qadakchian, Dilila Namazi, Hassan Shahin, Mohammad Reza Fazili, Pouri Banayi, Reza Beik Imanvardi