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The Enemy | دشمن

PersianAdventure, Crime, Drama 97 min 1973

After a gambling game on the road beside the palm grove, Habib (Zakaria Hasehmi) is thrown under Bashir’s (Naser Malek Motiee) car and dies. Wajih (Nooshafrin), Habib’s wife, and her father (Mohammad Taghi Kahnamouei) file a complaint that lands Bashir in prison; however, Bashir is released on bail. Wajih, in search of a job to provide for her son Mammal (Shahram Saminipour) and her father-in-law, fails to find respectable work. She becomes a cabaret singer in the Persian Gulf on a friend’s advice. Bashir keeps an eye on her, sending them money through his friend Kazem (Morteza Aghili). Wajih gradually realizes Bashir’s innocence and honesty. A woman, who is a friend of Gader (Hossein Gil), reveals that Habib was killed by Gader and then placed under Bashir’s car. Bashir confronts Gader, and in front of the locals, forces him to confess.

Khosrow Parvizi
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Maziyar Parto
Khosrow Parvizi
Anoushirvan Rohani
Production Company
Filmco Films

Cast & Crew
Ali Dehghan, Giti Forouhar, Hossein Gil, Mohammad Taghi Kahnamouei, Morteza Aghili, Naser Malek Motiee, Nooshafrin, Shahram Saminipour, Zakaria Hasehmi