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دل و دشنه

Heart and dagger | Dil va dishnah | دل و دشنه

PersianDrama 90 min 28 June 1995

Sahrabano, an Illyrian girl, has solemnly elected to don mourning attire for an uninterrupted seven-year span in commemoration of her brothers’ martyrdom during the imposed war. This gesture has cast an unsettling aura, leading the local populace to label her a “witch.” The customary “Black Bearer” ritual unfolds, marked by offerings and fervent entreaties aimed at persuading her to relinquish her mourning garb, thereby opening the path for potential suitors. However, a narrative of divergent desires takes center stage. Defying the witch’s stance, courtship is initiated as seven suitors emerge, each vying to capture her favor. The intrigue escalates with an exhilarating equestrian shooting competition, a display of these suitors’ prowess in their bid to secure her affections. Concurrently, a parallel storyline emerges as seven mercenaries, led by the enigmatic “Red Beard,” infiltrate the region, driven by aspirations of seizing a concealed treasure. Tragedy strikes amid this incursion, claiming Sahrabano’s father and setting the trajectory for ensuing events.

Masoud Jafari Jozani
Masoud Jafari Jozani
Turaj Mansuri
Hossein Zandbaf
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Jozan Film

Cast & Crew
Afshin setayeshgar, Ali Akbar Fayazi, Ali Amini, Amirhossein Khanshahri, Asghar Rahmani, Ferdous Keivani, Javad Bakshizadeh, Mansour Khaki, Mir Salah Hosseini, Mohammad Motavasselani, Saghar Basri, Shahram Zargar, Tooraj Mehrzad, Wali Allah Momeni