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دنیای آبی

Blue World | دنیای آبی

PersianDrama, Romance 113 min 1969

A young man develops romantic feelings for a girl from an affluent family. Despite her father’s objections, she consents to marrying him. Following a sequence of events, the young man is implicated in a diamond theft. However, thanks to his friend’s selfless act during the legal proceedings, he is acquitted and reunites with his family.

Saber Rahbar
Fereydoun Goleh
Vahak Vartanian
Saber Rahbar
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Hesamian and Partner

Cast & Crew
Behrooz Vosoughi, Jamileh, Manoel Marotian, Mir Mohammad Tajaddod, Poori Banaei