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دنیای پول

The World of Money | دنیای پول

PersianCrime, Drama 106 min 1965

Ahmad departs from his father Safar Ali and mother, relocating to the city to take up a job at Zahirul Malik’s property. Zahirul Malik resides with his spouse Nadera and their two daughters, Ziba and Rana. Naser harbors affection for Ziba, and Ahmad becomes acquainted with a group involved in criminal activities. This group endeavors to assassinate Zahirul Malik and pilfer his assets. Prior to Ahmad having the opportunity to notify Naser, Naser is apprehended under suspicion of murdering Zahirul Malik. Ahmad engages in a conflict with Reza, resulting in one of the gang members fatally stabbing Reza, leading to Ahmad’s arrest. With Naser’s approval, Ahmad secures Naser’s freedom, and Naser reciprocates by advocating for Ahmad’s release. Naser, perceiving Ahmad’s fondness for Ziba, refrains from revealing his own feelings for her. Meanwhile, Rana, who is keen on Ahmad, meddles in their affairs. Ziba believes amassing substantial wealth is a prerequisite for her marriage to Ahmad, and Ahmad accumulates significant riches through gambling. Rana, disheartened by Ahmad’s lack of interest, threatens him with a firearm. However, Naser shields Ahmad from the bullet, sacrificing himself and losing his life. Ahmad returns to his hometown burdened with remorse.

Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Hassan Mosayyebi
Production Company
Mahtab Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Abdollah Boutimar, Ali Tabesh, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Nosratollah Vahdat, Pooran, Reza Beik Imanverdi