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دنیا مال منه

The World Is Mine | دنیا مال منه

PersianComedy, Drama 95 min 1971

“Hamid” and “Kimia” meet and subsequently, a romance develops between them. Kimia is the daughter of a wealthy man, and Hamid, not wanting to lose her because he is poor, pretends to be wealthy. However, an incident eventually reveals Hamid’s true identity. Initially, Kimia is disillusioned by Hamid’s love, but after a series of events and clearing up misunderstandings, Hamid and Kimia get married.

Khosrow Parvizi
Habibollah Kasmai
Mahmoud Kushan
Amir Ishraqi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Pars Film

Cast & Crew
Farrokhlagha Houshmand, Hooshang Beheshti, Niloufar, Taghi Zohouri