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دهکده طلایی

Golden Village | دهکده طلایی

PersianDrama 121 min 1964

In the village, the fortune-teller is trusted and respected by the people and essentially runs everything. With the initiation of the “Knowledge Corps” activities and the arrival of a young corps member, the fortune-teller, seeing his interests in jeopardy, starts to create obstacles. The corps member, through careful and patient investigation, gradually reveals the true nature of the fortune-teller. The villagers, who previously believed in the fortune-teller, start to lean towards the corps member, and strive to build and improve their village.

Nezam Fatemi
Nezam Fatemi
Esmaeil Poursaeid
Qodratollah Ehsani
Mehdi Sharafi
Production Company
Darafsh Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Javad Taghadosi, Manoochehr Naderi, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Niku Safaei, Taghi Zohouri