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ده سایه خطرناک

Ten Dangerous Shadows | ده سایه خطرناک

PersianAction, Crime 70 min 1966

Sepideh (Forozan) is traveling to her villa with her father and fiancé, Bahram (Amin Amini), who is also her cousin. Meanwhile, their cousin Gorgin (Garsha Raoofi) has malicious intentions and plans to inherit his uncle’s wealth by plotting to kill Sepideh and her father. He enlists the help of Mohsen (Mohsen Araste) for various schemes, including tampering with the car’s brakes. Despite their attempts, Sepideh and her father survive the initial conspiracy. Tragically, Gergin succeeds in killing his uncle using a homemade bomb provided by Mohsen. As a result of the explosion, Sepideh loses her legs, but she eventually marries Bahram. In an effort to help her recover, Bahram, a crime writer, collaborates with his parents, Nematulah Pishvaian and Hamidah Kheirabadi, to create a fictional crime story aimed at shocking Sepideh into standing on her feet. Within this fabricated narrative, Gorgin continues his nefarious plans, joined by his partner Tamara and Mohsen, along with their drug team, all while attempting to eliminate Sepideh. The climax unfolds as Gergin launches an assault on their home, which Bahram and his father thwart. This harrowing event induces a shock in Sepideh, compelling her to stand on her feet and grasp the truth of the situation. Amidst a confrontation and struggle between Bahram and Gergin, the resolution sees Gergin meeting a fitting demise when a wolf is trapped under a truck wheel, concluding the story.

Amin Amini
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Fereydoun Rey Pour
Amin Amini
Dariush Azizi
Production Company
Asre Talaie Studio

Cast & Crew
Abbas Ghajar, Amin Amini, Delileh Namazi, Forouzan, Garsha Raoofi, Mohsen Arasteh