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The Maiden | دوشیزه

PersianAction, Family 80 min 2003

Mina is a theater actor. On the one hand, he is writing his dissertation, and on the other hand, he is trying to raise money to get the consent of his father’s plaintiff. One night, while trying to help a stray girl named Ramek, Ramek steals his wallet. When Mina’s mother finds out the truth, she says that it is better for them to leave Tehran and go to the city. But Mina, who has decided to find her money anyway, finally finds Ramek’s trail through a music school.

Mohammad Dormanesh
Gholamhossein Daryanavard
Mohammad Dormanesh
Mohammad Taghi Paksima
Hayedeh Safiyari
Saeed Shabani
Production Company
Jamal Shourjeh

Cast & Crew
Alireza Alia, Faghiheh Soltani, Fathali Oveisi, Naser Forough, Noora Hashemi, Shah Ali Sarkhani, Zahra Saeedi, Ziba Boroofeh