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دو نفر و نصفی

Two and a Half Men | دو نفر و نصفی

PersianComedy 78 min 1991

In this heartwarming story, a young woman named Atene Faqhih Nasiri is taking her 11-month-old daughter, Parisa, for a stroll in the park. However, an unexpected mishap occurs when the stroller starts rolling down a slope, carrying the baby out of the park. Frantically, the woman chases after the stroller, desperately trying to catch up with it. Unfortunately, her efforts prove futile as she loses sight of the stroller, and it comes to a stop.

The stroller comes to rest in front of the house of two cousins, Khosro (played by Faramarz Gharibian) and Alireza (played by Alireza Khamse). Khosro is a driver, while Alireza is a traveling photographer and also works as a clown. Initially, the cousins attempt to pass on the responsibility of caring for Parisa to others, hoping to avoid the burden of looking after the little girl.

Their attempts, however, are met with rejection, as no one is willing to take in the child. Realizing they have no other choice, Khosro and Alireza reluctantly decide to care for Parisa themselves. As they take on the role of caregivers, their lives take an unexpected turn.

Over time, Parisa’s presence begins to have a profound impact on the two single men, changing their lives in ways they could never have anticipated. This heartwarming tale explores the transformative power of love and responsibility as it unfolds in the lives of Khosro and Alireza.

Yadollah Samadi
Bahram Reypoor
Hasan Gholizade
Jamal Omid
Yadollah Samadi
Shahriar Asadi
Hossein Zandbaf
Hossein Zandbaf
Production Company
Hamrah Filmmaking Group

Cast & Crew
Akbar Dodkar, Atene Faghih Nasiri, Parisa Akbarnezhad