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دو نیمه سیب

Two Halves of an Apple | دو نیمه سیب

PersianDrama, Thriller 102 min 1992

A pair of twin sisters, who have lived apart in different families, reunite for the first time at their mother’s graveside. The encounter leaves no doubt in their minds: they are indeed two long-lost and separated sisters. Both sisters are grappling with their own set of challenges, prompting them to make a daring decision: to exchange places in order to experience new lives and confront the unknown.

However, their bold decision leads them to a serious and unforeseen problem that they must now navigate.

Kianoush Ayari
Kianoush Ayari
Dariush Ayari
Kianoush Ayari
Saeed Shahram
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Abbas Jahanbakhsh, Dariush Asadzade, Giti Forouhar, Leila Mosaddegh, Mahin Shahabi, Marjaneh Golchin, Roohangiz Mohtadi