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ديار عاشقان

Land of lovers | ديار عاشقان

PersianAction, Adventure 103 min 1983

Ali, who is a reserve soldier, is called to the front. He who has spent his life in peace and tranquility does not want to be sent to the front line. He spends his days working in the kitchen until he meets his old friend, Mojtabi, who is a Basiji. The relationship between Ali and Mojtaba and after Mojtaba’s death, transforms Ali.

Hassan Karbakhsh
Hassan Karbakhsh
Masoud Sedigh
Samad Tavazoee
Kambiz Roshanravan
Production Company
Fajr Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ali Daei, Behzad Kalhor, Ghodratollah Latifi, Jalal Azizi Moshfeghi, Mohsen Sadeghi, Parviz Parastui