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دیوار شیشه ای

The Glass Wall | دیوار شیشه ای

PersianComedy 107 min 1971

Two men commit in their youth to marry their children to each other in the future. After several years, when they meet again, a deep gap has formed between them: one is wealthy with three daughters, and the other is an ordinary man with a son who is a medical student. As per their commitment, the son visits the daughters. The young man, encountering the daughters of his father’s friend, charms them and eventually, after some interesting incidents, marries the eldest daughter of the family.

Samuel Khachikian
Fereydoun Goleh
Kamal Motei
Samuel Khachikian
Samuel Khachikian
Production Company
Mash'al Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mahboob, Ali Miri, Dalileh Namazi, Homa Rousta, Homa Rusta, Homayoon Ashkan, Hossein Akish, Jaleh Sam, Pouri Banayi