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دیوانه ای از قفس پرید

The Insane Flew Away | دیوانه‌ای از قفس پرید

PersianDrama, War 111 min July 23, 2003 (Iran)

Yalda is married to Rouzbeh who is an injure of war. Rouzbeh’s health getting worse, and they should hospitalize him. Although Yalda loves Rouzbeh very much, but she begins to doubt her relationship with him. He is working in the court and wants to fight corruption. Yalda’s uncle Mr. Mostowfi is a corrupt person, and his son-in-law loves Yalda and is after her. She must face all of them alone. 

Ahmad Reza Mo'tamedi
Ahmad Reza Mo'tamedi
Mohammad Aladpoush
Mostafa Kharaghehpoush
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Aftab Negaran Productions

Cast & Crew
Ali Nasirian, Alireza Ousivand, Ezzatollah Entezami, Niki Karimi, Parviz Parastui