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رام کردن مرد وحشی

Taming a Wild Man | رام کردن مرد وحشی

PersianCrime, Drama 90 min 1970

In a remote forest, a notorious man, known for his violent tendencies, captures the heart of a young woman whose father runs a nearby bar. A journalist publishes an article featuring a description and a picture of the man from the forest, catching the attention of his estranged cousin. The cousin recognizes him and embarks on a mission to reform his behavior, achieving some degree of success.

However, the barman’s daughter is unwilling to let go of her beloved forest man. She hatches a cunning scheme to sow seeds of doubt in the forest man’s mind regarding his cousin’s intentions. Tragically, a pivotal incident occurs, leaving the barman’s daughter severely injured. In her final moments of life, she confides the truth to the forest man, reuniting her with her family.

Kamal Danesh
Kamal Danesh
Nosratollah Kani
Hasan Mosayebi
Ahdieh Badiee
Production Company
ferdowsi film

Cast & Crew
Firuz, Fourouzan, Sorayya Beheshti