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رانده شده

Expelled | رانده شده

PersianDrama 107 min 1975

Maryam, who performs at the Ghodrat cafe, meets Sohrab Khan, a judicial judge and influential man, and marries him. Later, Sohrab Khan learns about his wife’s former job and drives her away after a dispute. Maryam becomes acquainted with a downtrodden young man named Reza and gives birth to a child, fathered by Sohrab. The child, Nazi, grows up and, with the collusion of Ahmad, they make a living by tricking and extorting wealthy individuals. Nazi is betrothed to her cousin Bahram; however, Ghodrat, seeing their marriage as a disruption to his plans, reveals to Bahram and his uncle Sohrab that Nazi works in a cabaret. In an unintended dispute, Nazi accidentally kills Ghodrat and is imprisoned. In court, Nazi is acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and marries Reza. Sohrab, after many years, finds his lost wife and daughter.

Siamak Yasami
Siamak Yasami
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Rubik Mansuri
Production Company
Kamra Film

Cast & Crew
Jamal Vafayi, Jamileh, Mehdi Gholi Safapoor, Miri, Mohsen Mahdavi, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Shahnaz Tehrani