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راننده سربلند

Proud Driver | راننده سربلند

PersianDrama, Romance 79 min 1975

A cabaret singer, controlled by the owner of the cabaret who is interested in her, hopes for freedom through her Iranian fiancé, a truck driver in international transport. One day, while performing in a prison, she becomes acquainted with a death row inmate and soon grows fond of him. When the Iranian driver is ready to rescue her from the cabaret owner and tries to help the prisoner escape, he himself becomes a victim, and the prisoner is recaptured.

Orhan Elmas
Jamshid Sheybani
Orhan Kapki
Özdemir Aritan
Tuncer Aydinoglu
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Bilal Inci, Hasan Ceylan, Ihsan Baysal, Nubar Terziyan, Perihan Savas, Renan Fosforoglu, Reza Fazeli, Seher Seniz, Serdar Gökhan