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رانندگان جهنم

Hell Drivers | رانندگان جهنم

PersianCrime, Drama 90 min 1966

Reza, a young driver who is in a camp for truck drivers, is interested in a girl, and his brother also falls in love with her. Sepahi, without knowing Reza’s interest in the girl, asks his brother to propose the girl to him. Reza agrees to the brother’s request, but the evil and lustful man who is interested in the girl puts the two brothers face to face, and tries to take them on his way by vandalizing the camp. With Reza’s efforts, the plan of the man is unsuccessful and the younger brother is killed by the lecherous man, and finally the killer is trapped by Reza and arrested by the police.

Mohammad Reza Fazeli
Mohammad Reza Fazeli
Musa Afshar
Musa Afshar
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Mahtab Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Ebrahim Naderi, Hassan Shahin, Hossein Gil, Mohammad Reza Fazili, Mozhgan, Soheyla