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رستگاری در هشت و بیست دقیقه

Salvation in eight twenty | رستگاری در هشت و بیست دقیقه

PersianAction 90 min 2005

A woman lives in a traditional neighborhood in the southernmost part of Tehran. A passionate group in the neighborhood who want to carry out “God’s decree” do not tolerate the presence of the woman who has suspicious movements and ask her to leave the neighborhood. But the woman does not accept and stays. One of the young men is assigned to confront the woman and…

Cyrus Alvand
Mohammad Hadi Karimi
Ali Aliyari
Hassan Ayoubi
Saman Ehteshami
Production Company
Siran Film

Cast & Crew
Bahram Radan, Mahtab Keramati, Shahab Hosseini