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رضا هفت خط

Cunning Reza | رضا هفت خط

PersianAdventure, Crime, Drama 92 min 1972

Reza (Bahman Mofid) and his friend Mammal (Mohammad Motie) make a living through gambling and extortion. Reza pretends to be skilled in business affairs, and in this way, he becomes acquainted with Aghdas (Simin Ghaffari), the daughter of Mirza ( Ali-Akbar Mahdavifar), and promises to marry her. In an incident, Reza is arrested and imprisoned. After his release, he falsely tells his mother (Mehri Vedadian) that he was working in a port during his absence. He drives Aghdas away from himself, and Aghdas, thinking that Reza is in love with another girl, follows him to his mother’s house. Aghdas gives her ring to Reza’s mother so that Reza can sell it and start a suitable business. Reza is arrested while trying to sell the ring, but before being recognized as a criminal, he is freed with the testimony of Aghdas and commits to a marriage with her.

Hossein Torabi
Ebrahim Maki
Behrouz Sayyadi
Siavash Shakeri
Arsham Qahramanian
Production Company
Mahtab Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Ali Akbar Aghajani, Ali-Akbar Mahdavifar, Atiqa-chi, Bahman Mofid, Esmat Safavi, Hossein Rahim-khani, Iraj Taba, Mehri Mehrnia, Mehri Vadadian, Mohammad Motie, Mohsen Ghobadi, Naser Nazem, Nosrat Dast-Mardi, Nosrat Dastmardi, Nour'allah Chashm-Dar, Saraf, Shahryar, Shapur, Simin Ghaffari