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Camaraderie | رفاقت

PersianCrime, Drama 100 min 1977

Habib is a former skilled safecracker with a criminal past. Having given up thievery, he is pressured by the Keyvan gang to join them in a major heist. Habib’s cooperation with the police leads to the arrest of Keyvan and his accomplices. Ahmad and Setareh take care of Habib, who is injured. Habib and Setareh get married, but after a while, Afsaneh, a cafe singer, comes into Habib’s life and leads him away from his wife. Afsaneh drives Habib into bankruptcy and forces him to collaborate with Keyvan. Their plan is to steal jewels from an old woman. Habib suggests to Afsaneh that after the theft, they should take the jewels and flee. Keyvan, learning of their scheme, beats up Habib and incapacitates Afsaneh. During Habib’s absence, his wife is involved in a car accident with Nezam’s car and loses her sight. Nezam covers the cost of Setareh’s treatment and makes her his heir. Setareh asks Nezam to ensure her husband’s freedom and entrust him with the management of one of his factories. Habib is released and initially distrusts his wife, but realizes his mistake and resumes his life with Setareh.

Reza Safaei
Habibollah Kasmai
Ali Sadeghi
Reza Safaei
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Shahr Farang Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ali Zahedi, Ali-Akbar Tufan-Panah, Bahman Mofid, Jalal Mousavi, Karim Ghajar, Khashayar, Manoochehr Valizade, Muharram Basim, Nik Farjam, Shahnaz Tehrani, Zhila Shahani